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I am Kaveh MohammadSalehi.
I was born in Iran in a cold snow covered night on 17 Dec 1971, from a pharmacist father and a mother who studied midwife.
My brother is a dentist having a son by the name of Bardia. I fulfilled my BSc in the major of agriculture engineering in Azad university of Astara.
I gained specialized traning during my military service and university.
I have done sports from the age of 6 as bellow :
1)Basketball: Aqurding 3rd rank among institutes in 1985
2)Swimming member of swimming board of Guilan province in 1986
3)Volleyball: Selected passer of Rasht institutes team in 1987
4)Tennis: Member of Guilan youths team in 1987-1992
5)Wrestling: Member of Vahdat Rasht club since 1993 and acquring 2nd place in open groups of Guilan province . 
: The first  Paraglider certificate  holder in Guilan province. 
At the time of being I am a writer, manager and a journalist.
I have a lot of friends whom I have a bad case of loving them. 

I never forget my friends.
I write articles alot